Deal: PNY Memory Cards From $11.99

December 1, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Most consumer electronics don’t come with much internal storage space save for desktops, laptops and game consoles. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, digital cameras and other smaller electronics either come with no internal storage or simply not enough to suit the needs of certain users. Many of these devices do come with expandable storage though and will support memory cards of all shapes and sizes depending on the device. If you’re in the market for some extra flash storage to give more space to your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices, PNY has a number of their cards on offer up for sale right now on Amazon.

There are a collective of both standard size SD cards and microSD cards in varying size amounts available, including 16GB microSD cards and even a standard SD with 512GB of space. What;s more, is that all of the cards on offer are class 10, meaning they can read and write files faster. For the average user, this simply means faster file transfers between devices, which saves you time and saving time is never a bad thing. While the standard size SD cards will only fit in a device that supports the larger size, the microSD cards can be used with mobile devices, but they also come with an adapter for use in devices that take the standard size, making them a bit more versatile.

Buy PNY Memory Cards On Sale From $11.99