Deal: Photive Blade Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – $29

December 29, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Just about every company is making a Bluetooth speaker these days, and Photive has a fantastic Bluetooth speaker that is actually on sale right now. We’re looking at the Photive Blade Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which is currently coming in just a hair shy of $30. It’s a great looking aluminum Bluetooth speaker, and also features premium High-Fidelity audio. This is going to give you crystal-clear wireless sound as well as Bluetooth 4.0 technology out of this small, but powerful speaker. Photive also promises about 15-hours of continuous playback out of the battery, which also doubles as a power bank for charging your smartphone while you’re playing music. Making for a great experience.

Photive also has a built-in microphone, allowing you to take calls without touching your smartphone, as well as being able to give voice commands to your phone. Especially useful if you have the Moto X. Photive uses a premium microphone here, and that’s so that the call will still sound crystal clear to those calling you. Photive has included a carrying pouch for the speaker as well as an audio and a micro USB charging cable. Finally, Photive gives a 1 year warranty for both parts and labor with the Blade Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Photive Blade Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker