Deal: MOXO Levitating Bluetooth Speaker – $99.99

December 9, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

For the most part, Bluetooth speakers are much the same. They all play music and sounds largely the same, unless you’re an audiophile then you can likely here the difference. But here, this Bluetooth speaker from MOXO is definitely something different. What we are looking at here is a speaker that levitates while it’s playing your music or other audio. It’s really rather unique, and something you definitely don’t see everyday. It can also be controlled by an app on your phone which works with both iOS and Android. Additionally, MOXO has NFC connectivity here. So you can just tap your phone on the top of the speaker and have it pair with your smartphone automatically (something the iPhone can’t do since the NFC chip is locked down to use just Apple Pay).

The MOXO Levitating Bluetooth Speaker does also have a Bluetooth pairing button. So you are able to still pair it with your smartphone, if you have one that doesn’t have NFC for some reason, or you just don’t want to use NFC. Right now, this speaker is available on eBay as a Daily Deal for just $99.99. Typically this would go for around $199.99, so it’s definitely a great price for this speaker.

MOXO Levitating Bluetooth Speaker