Deal: Aukey 5-Port USB Wall Charger For $10.99

December 28, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

As much as it would be a ncie thing not to have to worry about battery life so often with all of our electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and more, the fact is battery life still is a common issue for many people causing them to have to plug in at various points throughout the day. If you end up having to do this yourself but are then faced with another issue should you have multiple devices to charge, which is having more devices than you have outlets, a good solution would be to look into a desktop charger with multiple USB ports, like this Aukey 5-port USB power adapter.

The nice thing about this device is that it only takes up one outlet, and you can simply plug in the USB cables for your devices into the adapter itself, allowing every device to charge at one. This not only makes for less hassle and more convenience, but it also saves space leaving you room to plug in other things if you need to. The Aukey 5-Port USB power adapter comes equipped with AIPower technology which helps the charger figure out how much of a charge your device’s battery can accept, and delivers that amount of current to your device. It also has protection from over heating, over current, and over charging so you can plug things in and leave them be without worrying about issues. Normally these types of chargers cost quite a bit, and the regular cost for this particular charger from Aukey is usually set at $54.99. However you can pick it up on sale right now for just $10.99.

Buy The Aukey 5-Port USB Power Adapter For $10.99