Report: August To October Android U.S. Market Share Was 52.9%


On a routine basis, various reports come in from various data crunching companies and provides some useful insights to how the many smartphone-related markets currently stand. comScore is one of these data analyst companies and routinely provides data on both the state of the smartphone OEM market, as well as the wider smartphone operating system market in the U.S. In terms or those reports, comScore has now released their latest findings which detail the three month period leading up and ending October 2015. For comparisons, these figures are compared to the previous three month period figures (leading up to and ending July 2015).

In terms of the numbers for the smartphone platform, Android is listed as having a 52.9-percent market share at the close of October, which sees an increase from the 51.4-percent share noted for the same period ending three months earlier. In contrast, Apple saw a slight decline over the two three month periods, with their October figure coming in at the 43.3-percent level (down from the previous July figure of 44.2-percent). Microsoft also saw a decline with their share dropping down from 2.9-percent in July to 2.7-percent in October. Likewise, BlackBerry also saw a slight decline from 1.3-percent in July, down to 1.0-percent in October. Essentially, highlighting that over the the three month period, Android was the only platform to show any positive change.


Moving to the smartphone OEM side of things and as to be expected, Apple remains dominant in the U.S. with a 43.3-percent overall share. Although, as noted, this did reflect a slight drop from the July figure of 44.2-percent. Samsung seemed to have picked up minimal points and their October figure came in at 27.9-percent for October, up from 27.3-percent in July. LG seemed to be the biggest gainer with their July total of 8.7-percent rising up to 9.8-percent, while Motorola also saw a (slight) increase over the three months from 4.9-percent in July, up to 5.1-percent in October. In contrast, HTC seemed to have lost out where Motorola has gained and saw their market share drop down from 3.5-percent in July to 3.3-percent in October.

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