Chromecast Audio Now Offers High-Res & Multi-Speaker Playback

Chromecast Audio AH 10

Besides, the LG Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus 6P, Google also introduced a few other products at their annual Nexus event. One of which was the recently available Google Pixel C tablet. The other products Google announced at the event was the launch of a revised Chromecast, along with another sibling Chromecast which was specifically designed for audio, the aptly named, Chromecast Audio.

The second-gen standard Chromecast, is just that, an updated version which offers much of the same features and functionality as the original, albeit in a newly redesigned form factor. The other Chromecast on the other hand, is one which looks to give you much of the same features as Chromecast, but with the emphasis on audio. In the shortest of terms, the ability to stream audio files to speakers throughout the home in the same way that Chromecast streams video content. Well, following on from the launch of the Chromecast Audio, it now looks as though the audio dongle is getting a major software update today and with the update, the inclusion of some interesting and useful features.

The first notable feature is the ability to stream the same file to multiple speakers at the same time. In this day and age, this is a feature one would expect on such a device and from today, the Chromecast Audio will be able to offer the service. Speakers can be grouped together under one tag using the Chromecast app and by simply connecting to that tag, audio will be able to be streamed directly to all the speakers associated. The other notable feature is that higher quality audio files can now be streamed over the Chromecast as well. This has also been a cause for concern for some with the normal Chromecast when trying to stream high quality video, but when it comes to the audio side of things, it does seem that this is much more achievable. According to Google, Chromecast Audio can now support (up to) 96KHz/24bit lossless audio playback. Which will be a nice addition for those who like a “higher-than-CD-quality” audio experience with their speakers.