Chrome to Phone Being Retired On March 31, 2016

December 9, 2015 - Written By John Anon

When it comes to Google, the company does offer a wealth of different services and products for consumers to make use of. As a result, there probably are a couple which do overlap each other. In fact, there are probably some which makes others redundant. Much is the case for Google’s ‘Chrome to Phone’ service.

If you have not heard of this service, then do not worry too much, as you are unlikely¬†to¬†be alone. This is a much older service from Google and one which dates back to 2010. At that time, Google had far less of a solid ecosystem. For instance, now with Chrome, if you log in to any connected Android device or even Chrome for Windows or otherwise, then you will be presented with all of your details, settings, bookmarks and so on. When it comes to Google of today, things are just a lot more in sync. Well, back before these times, this is pretty much what Chrome to Phone was for. When you needed to send something like a link or directions to your phone then the Chrome for Phone app was an ideal way to do that. Of course with the Chrome of today, there is pretty much nothing that won’t be available to your phone, which is available to your desktop version. Essentially, the app is now redundant.

A view Google also seem to hold for Chrome to Phone as the app listing is now making it clear that the app is no longer of use. Citing the very fact that all of their services are far more in sync than before, Google does state that there is little reason to keep supporting the Chrome for Phone service. As a result, the listing does confirm that from the end of March, 2016, the service will no longer be supported in any capacity. If you are someone who is still using the app and service, then you will be able to use it right up until the March 31st deadline, although after that you will have to migrate to using the newer ways to sync data between your desktop and your mobile device. Those interested in finding out more about either the Chrome for Phone app or its impending closure, can do so by heading through the link below.