Chainfire: CF-Auto-Root Updated For Over 300 Devices

Android is not only just a platform for people to run to when they are bored or angry with Apple, Android is a whole universe filled with little stars of simple pleasures in creating an experience dedicated and designed to your own taste. This is what makes Android so amazing and is exactly what differentiates it from other operating platforms. Android is not just a mobile operating system designed by Google for tech nerds, it's designed for everyone who enjoys communicating with the outside world other than their own. All this, at the tip of your fingers. This perhaps was when rooting your phone was born. Rooting, by definition, is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other tech devices running the Android platform to attain privileged control, known as root access, over various Android subsystems. In order to obtain root some steps have to be managed carefully, and usually voiding your device's warranty, in order to successfully obtain control of your device. With this, CF-Auto-Root was born. Working with Samsung devices more than others, CF-Auto-Root is an ODIN-based rooting method that flashes a modified recover.img and cache.img and boots the device into the modified recovery image, giving you control of your own device without those annoying limitations.

Chainfire, the creator of CF-Auto-Root, has not updated this application for some time now. Since there has been a minor gap since the major update, a lot has changed in the Android platform regarding root. This could be why it has taken some time for Chainfire to progress his application. "Significant patching was needed for 6.0 in general, and Samsung made some security changes in 5.1 that also required more patching than usual," Chainfire reported to his followers on Google Plus. Chainfire did go on to say that some of these patches have gone on to stabilize "somewhat" in the past couple of weeks only needing minor changes here and there between the SuperSU releases. In the meantime, he has been "crunching" away at recoveries while he has collected new firmware.

With this new update, adds new support. Over 300 different device models have been added or updated with new base firmware, including additional support for 5.1 and 6.0 to allow for install of SuperSU v2.65. It's worth mentioning that SuperSU v2.65 will install regardless if the base firmware has been updated or not. It's also worth mentioning, as I said before, that besides voiding warranty of your device comes many other problems if you do not know what you are doing. Take caution before you use the updated CF-Auto-Root and make sure you do research on everything before changing anything on your device.

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