Buy two Chromecasts from Google for just $55!

December 4, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

To celebrate the holidays, Google is offering up a pretty sweet deal for their newly announced Chromecast hardware. Currently you can pick up two Chromecasts from the Google Store for just $55. That makes it $15 off of the regular price which is $35 each or $70 together. Of course this is only available at the Google Store and not elsewhere that Chromecast is sold (like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target), unfortunately. You can mix and match as well, so grab a Chromecast Audio and a regular Chromecast and get them both for $55 combined. Not a bad deal at all, this holiday season. Also, Google is the only one stocking the Chromecast in colors, which are red and yellow in addition to the black. While stores are selling them in just the black color. While it will sit behind your TV, and not be seen, it’s still a good looking Chromecast in Red and Yellow.

With Chromecast, you can easily cast movies, TV shows and even music onto your TV all from your phone. Simply connect your phone to your WiFi network and hit the cast button from within the app, whether that be YouTube, Google Play Movies or another Chromecast supported app. It’s dead simple, for anyone. Chromecast Audio is pretty much the same thing, except it plugs into your speakers, and can turn your older speakers that may not even have Bluetooth, into smart speakers with WiFi connectivity. With Chromecast Audio, you can stream Spotify, Pandora and many other services over WiFi, and because it’s over WiFi you’ll get better quality audio than you would over Bluetooth. Making the money for the Chromecast Audio worth the extra cash.

Google hasn’t stated how long this sale is going to last on the Google Store, but it’ll likely run through the end of this month and through the holidays. Chromecast and Chromecast Audio make some great gifts for anyone that loves watching movies, TV Shows, or streaming music. And it’s pretty cheap too. Pair it with a big screen 4K TV, and everyone will be happy, although Chromecast doesn’t do 4K, just yet. That will likely come sooner rather than later.