Build An Army & Destroy Your Opponents In Alliance Wars

December 28, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Strategy games are an all-time favorite of many gamers as they crave the ability to build up massive armies and take down their opponents to achieve victory. Whether you enjoy playing against your friends or teaming up with them to take on the planet, Alliance Wars: World Domination lays out a perfect opportunity to deal some massive damage and conquer the world. This is a free title so gamers should expect some level of in-app purchases, although they may not be obtrusive and in your face which seems to always be appreciated by gamers. If you have ever played any type of RTS game on mobile or other platforms, Alliance Wars: World Domination should feel pretty familiar.

The main goal is victory, as it always is in any strategy game of this nature. Along the way though there will be plenty of things for you to do and you’ll need to invest plenty of focus during gameplay if you’re going to win. Before you can dominate any of your opponents you’ll need to build an army, and before you can build an army you’ll need willing participants. Things will start off simple as you build pieces of your base, such as a barracks, research facility and more, with each building allowing you to do various different things like recruit marines, snipers and other soldiers for the war, as well as build up defenses like tanks.

Much like you’re able to do with other games in this genre, like Clash of Clans for example, you can ally with other players to form large, unstoppable forces and beat back any enemy who stands in your way of world domination. The game also features a chat function so you can talk with allies and form a winning strategy, and it allows for both single-player and multiplayer game types so you can either work your way through the campaign or try your hand against real-life opponents. Alliance Wars: World Domination takes on a more realistic and futuristic approach to the real-time strategy genre as opposed to a more fantasy-based setting like some other titles, so if you prefer this to launching wars with wizards, magical defense towers and other fantasy-like elements, you can pick it up from the Play Store.