Boost Mobile Announce Unlimited Music Streaming

December 9, 2015 - Written By David Steele

Boost Mobile is a part of Sprint’s Prepaid Group, set up in 2002 and designed to “redefine value for wireless customers.” Boost Mobile has access to Sprint’s nationwide 3G and 4G LTE networks, which covers over 280 million people. The business has announced today that with immediate effect, they are offering unlimited music streaming for all customers on its plans, which start at $30 a month after the $5 Auto Reboost discount but is otherwise $35. For this $30, the plan comes with unlimited voice minutes and text messages and a standard 2 GB of high speed Internet data, and throttled data after the initial 2 GB. Plans run through $35 up to $60, less the $5 discount for the Auto Reboost top up facility. The most expensive plan comes with unlimited high speed Internet and the middle plan, at $45 before the discount, comes with a standard 5 GB of high speed data.

However, all of these plans come with unlimited music streaming when used with selected partners. From today, these music partners include 8tracks, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Slacker Radio and the Samsung Milk Music service. Boost Mobile’s website is careful to explain that customers may need to pay for their music subscription, but any and all music streamed through these services will not count towards the capped high speed data allowance. Whilst music fans may already be using Boost Mobile for the unlimited data plans, that selected music partners are excluded from this will help customers preserve their data allowance for more proactive Internet use. The unlimited music streaming is in addition to Boost Mobile’s recently announced data growth plans, which see the initial 2 GB and 5 GB of high speed allowances grow to 5 GB and 8 GB respectively over a period of time. For every three on time payments, Boost Mobile will add another 500 MB of data to the allowance, which peaks after eighteen months with an additional 3 GB of data.

Angela Rittgers, Vice President-Boost Mobile, said this on the news: “Boost Mobile has made it easy and affordable for customers to enjoy streaming all the music they want, while saving their data to be used in other ways. In addition, Boost offers the only plans with growing data, which gives customers more data for simply paying on time.”