Become A 1950s Detective In '9 Clues: The Ward' Game

No matter how young or old you are, a nice game is always a good way to relax and get away from reality for a second. No matter if you're hardcore gamer or not, of course, you can always play a casual game and that's it. Luckily for Android users, Google Play Store offers a ton of interesting titles, no matter what type of games you like. Well, if you're into puzzle / adventure games, we might have just the thing for you, a game we stumbled upon quite recently called '9 Clues: The Ward'. Anyhow, let's see what's this game about, shall we.

The 9 Clues: The Ward is basically an adventure game with interesting graphics. The plot is quite straightforward, you take the role of a young detective on a lonely island where it rains almost all the time. You're accompanied by your partner, and are actually responding to a distress call from the locale asylum. When you get there you notice that Dr. Crow is dead, and that's where the game truly begins. You have to follow various clues through the game in order to determine who killed doctor Crow, and there's plenty of gameplay in there, but keep in mind that the game is not free. The listing on the Google Play Store says free, but if you read the description you'll notice that this is basically just a demo game, and you'll have to pay in order to get the full experience. The full game costs $5, and we'll let you determine if it's worth it.

That being said, let's talk more about the game itself, shall we. The 9 Clues: The Ward brings you 42 different locations to explore, and there are 18 different, and yet challenging mini-games to tackle within the game. You'll meet a number of suspects, and can also unlock various achievement throughout the game. There are also three difficulty modes at your disposal, and it's up to you to decide which one you'd like to play. The game is set in the 1950s, and if you add a mental asylum on top of that, you'll get quite an enjoyable ride here. If you'd like to try out the demo for free, click on the Google Play banner below this article, but keep in mind that the full game is not free, its price is quite steep actually. There's also a promo video down below, as well as some screenshots from the game.

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