AwSMS Offers Heads-Up Notifications & Plenty Of Customization

December 4, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Android is a unique smartphone OS for a reason, it gives you all sorts of options as far as customizability and usability goes. Every platform has quite a few apps available in their respective app stores, but Android apps are the most unique ones. Take launchers for example, Android is the only platform that lets you chance the way use your phone in such a way, and that’s only the most obvious example. Regular third-party apps also offer more customizability than apps on other OS’, like third-party SMS apps for example, they usually come with features that are impossible to offer on other platforms.

Speaking of which, we’re here to talk about a new SMS app for Android called ‘AwSMS’. Now, there are a number of third-party SMS apps available in the Play Store, Chomp SMS, GO SMS, Google’s Messenger, Handcent, EvolveSMS, etc. Well, there’s a new option available out there now, and even though it’s in beta right now, it’s quite a capable app. This application is actually quite clean, it goes along with Google’s Material Design guidelines, while it also offers a number of features. The AwSMS actually allows you to change the look of each contact separately, color code their avatars, change their size or even title font. These are only some of its options, night mode is also included, so are group texts, notification snoozing, quick reply, etc. Now, on top of all this, AwSMS also offers the heads-up notifications in case you want them, it’s all accessible via the app’s settings.

This application does offer a number of features, and it also has Android Wear support, but unfortunately for those of you who are using two SIM cards, the app does not offer dual-SIM support just yet. A future update will probably fix that problem, and it’s also worth noting that you’ll need at least Android 4.1 in order to use this application. Now, if you’d like to check out how the app looks like, scroll down to the included gallery. The AwSMS is completely free to use, though in-app purchases, and there are no ads here, at least not for now.