Androidify Got Updated With New Holiday Gear


The Android operating system has always been about offering different choices for everyone. Since it launched, users have been able to choose the device that fits their needs, they get to choose it from a bunch of different manufacturers so they can pick from many different designs, colors and build materials. Once you turn on your device, you can further customize the experience by choosing different wallpapers and other settings. More recently, users are able to choose from a variety of themes that change the font, iconography, and animations. Otherwise, users can customize their software installing one of the many launchers, which not only change the looks of the UI but also the way it works, to the point where people may wonder if the device is actually running Android. More advanced users can install custom ROMs to further customize the OS.

Google has created several campaigns to reflect the spirit of Android, some recent ones include the tagline "Be together, not the same", which is quite good. Another app that captures this spirit is Androidify, which lets users create their own avatar. It starts with Andy, the green Android mascot, and then users can change the color of its skin, the body type and they also get to choose an outfit including a top, a bottom, and shoes. Users can also choose a certain style for their facial hair and accessorize their creation with a variety of hats, glasses, necklaces and even some gadgets. These avatars can also get some movements and users can share them to emphasize a certain situation.


Google is constantly updating this app to include more thematic elements to customize those avatars according to the season, for instance, they included some rainbow-colored elements in June so users can support the LGBT parade. Now, it's the holiday season and Google has updated this app and besides the usual bug fixes and optimizations, there are new phones and devices available, including the new Nexus phones, there are new outfits and sports gear, plus many winter-themed elements such as sweaters, scarves, ice skates, and even some hot beverages like hot chocolate with marshmallows and coffee. The app is free, so download it from the Play Store to create your own holiday-themed avatar and maybe others for your friends and family and create a custom holiday card. There's also an option to share them in a gallery or they might even appear in Android's next TV ad hanging out with others.

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