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Google's new Play Music Family Plan sounds like a great way to save money. The normal Google Play Music plan is $9.99 a month for unlimited music (less any relevant data charges) whereas the Family Plan is $14.99 and includes up to six people. There are some caveats – although it's called the Family Plan, you don't all have to belong to the one family. Individuals do, however, need to be thirteen or older, have a Google account and live in the same country. And Google accounts can't belong to more than one Family Plan at any one time, either.

Let's run through how to set up the Family Plan. Firstly, grab your Android device and launch the Play Music application. You'll need to head over into the Settings area and look for the Account Information section, typically at the top. If you don't currently subscribe to Google Play Music, you may as well go on and tap "Start Free Trial," as you'll get a month free. Once you've tapped this, Google Play Music takes you to the plan selection screen. If you do already subscribe to the Google Play Music, you should see the option to Upgrade to family plan." If you don't see this, hit "Refresh" and after a few seconds, you should be able to upgrade your account.


Once you are able to upgrade or set up the family plan, follow the on-screen prompts and provide the Google Play Store with the information it needs. It'll take a few minutes to sign up for the service and once done, you'll be taken to the Family Manager screens. Here is where you set up the payment method and add or remove members to the group. Subsequent screens allow you to invite up to five other people to join your family, and another screen where you can select members. You've the ability to send them an email invitation to join the family. You should do this before going to the payment screen, which is where you provide Google Play Music with how you'll pay for the Family Plan. Once you've completed this information, you and your selected family members are good to go, but there is one more thing to be aware of: if you set up a family payment method, your chosen family members will be able to buy applications and games, movies and television series using the chosen family payment method.

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