Android One v2.0 Won’t Be Launched On December 16 After All

December 9, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Google has announced their Android One program last year, but the project hasn’t been as successful as the company has hoped it will be. As part of the Android One project, Google has initially partnered up with three India-based OEMs which were supposed to manufacture affordable devices which will run the stock version of Android operating system. During 2015, a number of additional manufacturers joined the program, but Android One devices haven’t been selling all that well for some reason. Google has allegedly decided to give manufacturers more control over the final product, as long as the device runs stock Android, of course.

That being said, a recent rumor hinted that Google might unveil Android One v2.0 in India on December 16th. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, is actually visiting India soon, where he will meet India’s Prime Minister and President, but also hold a press conference it seems. Reports were stating that Google’s CEO might unveil Android One v2.0 during that press conference, but according to a report from Indian Express, that won’t happen. Google won’t announce any product during that press conference actually, at least not according to the provided info. Now, Google’s Managing Director for Southeast Asia has recently hinted that he’s working on a $50 Android One smartphone, but it seems like that phone won’t be announced on December 16th as some rumors were stating.

According to reports, Google has managed to sell 1.1 million Android One smartphones in the first year, which was quite disappointing for the company. The Mountain View giant has confirmed a while back that they don’t plan on giving up Android One project, and that they will find a way to make it a success. The $50 Android One handset might be a solution, as long as the phone performs as it should. That thing would probably sell like hotcakes in emerging markets, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, it remains to be seen what’s next step for Google, and Sundar Pichai might actually give us some info during his press conference on December 16th, so stay tuned for that, we’ll report back as soon as new info pops up.