Amazon OTA Brings Improved Features To Fire OS 5 Tablets

fire tablet 2

Amazon took an interesting approach towards tablets, when these devices were introduced, everyone thought that they would replace what a laptop can do, but when the online retailer introduced their first tablet, it was small and affordable. The Kindle Fire was meant for reading and watching videos or photos, perhaps even playing a few games once in a while, but it was not targeted towards productivity. This year, Amazon introduced 4 tablets of different sizes, all of them carry lower prices than some competitors, and there’s one with a price of $49.99. Amazon is also known for supporting their devices, and now, they will start rolling out an update for their tablets.

Since one of the purposes for these tablets is still reading books, magazines, websites or documents, the update to Fire OS 5 brings a special mode for those who read at night. Studies have shown that the blue light that illuminates the screens of current tablets or smartphones can alter sleep habits as they can affect melatonin production when those devices are used at night. Amazon’s Kindle, which is used exclusively for reading, is now back-lit but that light is more subtle and it does not emit blue light. The new Blue Shade feature uses some filters to limit the amount of emitted blue light, making the tablets more comfortable to read at night. Additionally, users will get the chance of choosing warmer tones and the brightness level they find most appropriate, including an “ultra low” brightness level.

The update will also bring some apps that make the tablets more kid-friendly. There is a new browser designed for children that users could activate on the FreeTime section, parents can choose a list of websites that would be appropriate for their children. Amazon and Common Sense Media chose over 40,000 YouTube videos dedicated for children, which they can view on the FreeTime browser. There’s also a new Activity Center for parents outside of FreeTime, which allows them to know how their kids are using the tablet and how much time have they spent on specific apps or games as well as seeing their browser history and everything they have accessed. The update should be now available now for the Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 and Fire tablets, although the process might take up to two weeks to complete.