Amazon Adds Showtime, Starz to their Arsenal

December 8, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Over the past few years, Amazon has started to morph into something larger than just the biggest retailer in the US. It all started with the Kindle and allowing users to buy their hardware and buy books from their store. Then we got full-fledged tablets from Amazon at crazy low prices. That turned into the Fire TV set-top box and Fire TV Stick, allowing you to watch Amazon Instant Video and much more on your TV. Amazon has also added Prime Music to their Prime offerings in the past year. Now Amazon is looking to add other subscriptions to their store, not included in Prime, but giving users the ability to buy it through Amazon and use it on their products.

This is Amazon’s plan to compete with Netflix and YouTube. On Tuesday, the company announced the addition of streaming partners with Starz and Showtime highlighting the list. Right now, there’s not much to this other than allowing users to add subscriptions and have it all on one bill. Apple does the same thing with Apple TV actually. However, those that have been briefed on Amazon’s plans have noted that this is the start of something bigger, much bigger. They are building bundles, that customers can buy, in addition to Amazon Prime. It’s implied that these bundles will be available at a discount. So if you subscribe to a bundle with Starz, Showtime and HBO, you’d get it a bit cheaper than buying all three separately (like you can today without Amazon’s help).

It’s not much, just yet, but it can morph into something huge for Amazon and bring in lots more business for Amazon. Who already is the largest retailer, both online and altogether. During the Black Friday weekend, Amazon came out on top, selling the most items. With Walmart and eBay rounding out the top 3. Amazon is already creating their own original programming for Amazon Instant Video and now it looks like they want to completely replace your cable box, or satellite dish. Amazon has also partnered with JetBlue recently to offer Amazon Instant Video on all flights operated by JetBlue, replacing their current in-flight entertainment system.