AH Primetime: Infographic Breaks Down Details Of 2015 Smartwatches


2015 has been quite a unique year, giving birth to many new tech sectors and showing incredible growth in some. One such field, the wearable device, has experienced a renaissance of sorts after a brief boom in 2014. Specifically, it's smartwatches that have seen a meteoric rise. This is partly due to the huge variety of smartwatches out there these days. There's one for just about every price range with just about every feature, from basic models with the most modest of feature sets to super high-end Android Wear monsters like the TAG Heuer Connected. Waterproofing, altitude sensors, LTE connectivity and even the ability to be a standalone smartphone are all represented in the smartwatch space.

Many consumers may be on the fence about what smartwatch to buy, or whether to get one at all. After all, each device has different features, leaving each user to think carefully about what device they'll decide to keep on their wrist as an all day companion. Some users may be swimmers, live in rainy areas or simply love a hot bath and hate having to disconnect to take it. For them, water resistant units like the Samsung Gear S2 may be the best bet on the table. Some users may want all the basic functions of a smartphone, but not any of the fluff or pocket bulk, or perhaps they just want to talk into their wrist like a super spy. LTE connected models that allow you to make calls, check your email and send SMS messages may be best for them, like the LG Watch Urbane 2. The bottom line is, quite simply, making a decision on the matter of something you'll literally have on you and be dealing with all the time can be pretty taxing.


Luckily, the folks at Mightyskins have taken a good bit of the guesswork and research out of the ordeal, presenting a splendid infographic to aid in a torn smartwatch buyer's decision. The infographic outlines all the features of each entry with nifty little icons and sorts them by price, from highest to lowest. Mind you, a watch with a huge amount of icons indicating functions may not necessarily be the best. It may be rich in features, but their execution is a bit off. Perhaps the build quality is iffy. In some cases, smartwatches touted as water resistant or waterproof may not own up to these labels in real world use. This chart should be supplemented, as with any purchasing decision above a trivial amount of money, with reviews, research and real-world trials if possible. In any case, the infographic shows a little bit if something for everyone, from the luxury-obsessed to the tech addicts wanting the latest and greatest features, or even to try a brand new OS, a la Tizen on the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2.

Want a status symbol with the full set of features one would expect form a smartwatch? Hit up the $2,300 Kairos SSW. Want something functional for a bit less coin, but not willing to part with your smartphone or go fully basic? The Sony Smartwatch 3, easily found for under a hundred big ones, may be more up your alley. Even athletes, possibly in search of a fitness-centric watch with a minimum of smart options to clutter things up and risk breakage, could find something eye-catching here. Most, if not all, of 2015's smartwatches are gathered on this handy dandy chart, located below, for your viewing, deciding, debating, re-deciding and finally buying pleasure. Mind you, some of the more obscure numbers, such as Chinese watches that are essentially small Android phones on your wrist like the Watch X01, a proud Apple Watch knockoff sporting 3G connectivity and Android 4.4 KitKat. Devices that are extremely hard to find or outdated will also find themselves, for the most part, left out in the cold. This leaves arguably the latest and greatest, with the most modern and full feature sets, up for viewing and juxtaposition.


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