AH Primetime: Google Stock On Upswing For 2016


Since the company's start in 1996, Google has consistently set the bar in the tech sector. Competition like Yahoo, AOL and Lycos fell by the wayside, cut down by Google's superior innovative and financial finesse. When they decided to enter the mobile space with Android, Blackberry took a grueling blow and Nokia was reduced to a Microsoft subsidiary. Even the mighty iPhone, pioneer of the accessible, consumer-oriented smartphone, was eventually subjugated by the sheer force of Android's consumer adoption onslaught.

The giant has shoved its hands into just about every sector of the tech world and been lauded as one of the best workplaces in the world, attracting scores of brilliant minds. Even Google's less popular services, such as Google+, have been overhauled or done away with to cut the fat. All these factors, along with ongoing projects and the incredible business savvy of the company's figureheads, have combined to put Google very close to the top of the heap, with a market cap of over half a trillion U.S. dollars. With a recent restructuring and tons of new investments and developments, 2016 looks like it's going to be a great year for Alphabet-Google. This means anybody deciding to invest should see great returns.


For starters, arguably the biggest reason to invest is Android. The unstoppable OS has snagged 53.54 percent of the mobile market. Since Android devices tend to be cheaper than iOS devices and drive huge amounts of revenue by enticing users into Google's service ecosystem, this trend will most likely continue. On top of that, Android looks poised to ride the waves of wearable tech, Internet of Things and VR as the art advances. The ever-popular YouTube is showing no signs of stopping its growth. The wealth of content makes a great compliment to YouTube Red, a new initiative that provides unlimited ad-free streaming and exclusive content for just $9.99 a month. Though there is some friction with the growing pains at the moment, it's looking like YouTube Red is going to be a big plus for Google and for content creators in the end, once some kinks are worked out.

Google is also leading the pack with self-driving car technology. Beyond the consumer market, where the software will create safer roads and relieve users of mind-numbing commutes, commercial entities like auto manufacturers and Uber are showing interest, making lucrative long-term contracts a distinct possibility. Google also recently bought up Boston Dynamics, a robotics company responsible for robots that have withstood testing by the United States Marine Corps. This will enable Google to make all the strides in the field that they please, as well as score U.S. government and military contracts that are sure to provide stable long-term profit. The company's stability in itself is an incredible achievement and a great reason to invest. Google has shaken markets to their core and shown undeniable aptitude with their every move. Barring a complete overhaul of the consumer tech space, it's hard to imagine Google having a net loss any time soon.

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