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Android games are more abundant now than they have ever been, and 2015 has a been a wonderful year for mobile gaming in general. Android luckily, has been a part of that which wasn't the case just a couple of years ago as the best games had typically been limited to iOS. Alongside getting some really great games this year, they've been spread out across many different genres so there is certainly something for everyone whether you're more into racing titles, RPG's, sports, sim, or puzzle games. While we'd like to choose every good game that launched and put it on a pedestal, we've had to narrow the choices down, so here are our winners of the Best Android Game Award for 2015.

3rd Place - Lara Croft GO/Minion's Paradise

As stated above there have been lots of great games this year, which made it difficult to reach a decision for a 3rd place winner of our best game for 2015. This led us to narrow it down to two choices, essentially making it a tie between Lara Croft GO and Minion's Paradise. Both are completely different game types but can both be considered fun for casual players, although Minion's Paradise is a little more casual. Lara Croft GO immediately garnered plenty of attention and praise as the second game in Square Enix's lineup to take a popular franchise character and thrust them into the world of mobile gaming, (Hitman GO from last year being the first) but not like we remember them from year's past on consoles, and instead taking on a unique and fresh gameplay type not known to them before. The puzzle genre. Lara Croft Go features plenty of puzzles to solve in a gorgeous series of backgrounds filled with traps, enemies, and collectibles you'll need to discover along the way. When it comes to Minion's Paradise, this is a more casual game filled with some adventure and action elements, and the main goal is to build a party paradise for you and all of your minion friends on the deserted island you get them stranded on. It's got tons of laughter inducing moments especially if you're a fan of the Despicable Me films, and it's free and can be played at your own pace. If you want to pick up either game, you can grab Lara Croft GO from the top button, and Minion's Paradise from the bottom button.


2nd Place - Fallout Shelter

Bethesda Softworks isn't generally known for their mobile titles, seeing as how Fallout Shelter is their very first one, but the good news is for those that have liked what Fallout Shelter has to offer, Bethesda has recently announced they'll be opening up a new studio dedicated to focusing mostly on mobile game development. Fallout Shelter launched months ago prior to the official new Fallout title for PC and consoles, Fallout 4, and is a simulation game tasking you with building and expanding your Vault (basically your town) all the while keeping your dwellers happy and healthy. You'll need to keep them working so you can make more money, with which you can use to expand the Vault, and when the Vault gets bigger you can accept more dwellers into the living quarters. Recently the game also just added in pets to help boost the happiness of your Vault citizens, and you can now evict the lazy ones that cause more harm than good. You can also send your dwellers out into the wasteland to find resources for your Vault, and from time to time you'll need to fend off attacks from monsters and other enemies. As a free title with plenty of Fallout nostalgia for fans of the series, it's a rather decent game for mobile from a stellar publisher, and one that has been insanely popular.

1st Place - Need For Speed No Limits

Need for Speed will need no introduction for many gamers, as this particular franchise has been around on various platforms including mobile for years. Need for Speed No Limits is the most recent title in the series to launch, and it hit the Play Store earlier this Fall and was fairly well-received, with good reason too. It's a free to play title which immediately makes it more accessible to a wider audience, and while some will scoff at the use of the timers for refreshing your fuel which is an element needed to participate in race events, it's easy enough to keep it going without having to spend either too much time waiting or paying anything out of pocket to refresh with real money as an IAP. Across the board Need for Speed No Limits is an easy game to pick up and play, and it offers amazing graphics, (especially for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 owners) fast-paced gameplay, tons of vehicle customization and of course, tons of vehicles.

If you absolutely despise IAP's, you should be happy to know that the ones implemented in No Limits aren't in your face and you really don't need to buy anything at all. Just spend time with the game and you'll level up your character plenty, and the more you race the more parts you'll come across to upgrade your rides, or find blueprints to build new ones to add to your garage. EA is also adding in new events and stuff pretty regularly, so gamers have a chance to participate in limited time content where they can score complete cars, blueprints for cars, parts, cash, gold, and more. Controls are also very easy to work with which makes it a simple game for just about anyone to play. The use of gestures for things like drifting and punching the nitrous is also a nice touch. Overall, if you like racing games Need for Speed No Limits is one which can be extremely enjoyable, especially to those who have a thing for the underground car culture. Sadly, there is no controller support, but as stated since the controls are already really simple to use, controller support isn't really a must-have.

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