Adobe Report: Smartwatches, Facebook M to Have Strong 2016


Smartwatches have been around for some time now, and since the Pebble gave consumers a lower entry price as well as a compelling reason to even own one there are contenders from all over the place. Google threw their hat in the ring along with LG, Samsung and co last year with Android Wear and this year saw the inevitable launch of the iWatch, sorry, Apple Watch. Even so, they've not taken off in a massive way, or at least not in the way that Google and friends were perhaps looking for, anyway. According to the new Adode Digital Index 'Digital Trends Report 2015' smartwatches, as well as a new Google Now competition from Facebook are a couple of the things set for a strong 2016.

The report was put together throughout the year with information from Adobe Analytics as well as Adobe Social  across 20 Million social media engagements and 255 Billion site visits to big brands. Joe Martin, a senior analyst for ADI said that smartwatches were lacking a 'killer app', but that 2016 could be their big year if they gained one. Right now, it appears as though the fitness tracker is the more popular device, however, Martin thinks that they "will fall by the wayside," before long. Citing a thirst for apps and added functions, the smartwatch could take over fitness tracker by including the same functions just as the smartphone did to MP3 players and the iPod.


Where search is concerned however, it appears as though Facebook M is the most anticipated newcomer in this category. Martin said that Facebook M went beyond just simple prediction by "purchasing gifts, making travel reservations and dinner reservations for you, rather than just finding the information you need." Facebook M was launched to early testers a little while ago, and it essentially goes beyond simple digital assistant tasks because it's also powered by human brains, as in there are people waiting to take care of requisitions and so on. Facebook M is tied into Facebook Messenger, and it's their way of making sure that Messenger remains a core attraction of everything Facebook. While it's not available to everyone just yet, it should be launching to all Facebook users some time next year, and if the below pictures from the ADI report hold true, it looks like Google might have something to worry about next year.

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