Acer Announce New CXV2 Chromebox, The Chromebox For Meetings


Acer is one of the companies who have really taken to Chrome OS and as a result of this high-level of adoption and investment, Acer is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading companies for the platform. This Acer dominance of the market is largely the result of the wide variety of Chromebooks that the company has released so far. That said, while the sheer majority of their Chrome OS devices come in a Chromebook form, the company has also released a number of other Chrome OS running devices including the likes of their Chromebases and Chromeboxes.

In terms of the latter, the Acer Chromeboxes have been slowly but further expanding throughout 2015 and also adding a bunch of new features. These boxes represent more of a portable but desktop-like Chrome OS experience, as they are capable of being connected to any external monitor, offering all the features and services associated with Chrome OS but through any home or work setup. Essentially a Chromebook without the monitor attached. Well, following on from the release of their previous Chromeboxes, Acer has now unveiled their latest Chromebox variant in the form of the Acer Chromebox CXV2, the Chromebox for meetings.


Sticking with tradition, the CXV2 is again an all-in-one type Chrome OS solution which simply requires connection to an external monitor to function. However, it does seem that the big selling point with this latest varaint is that this is one which is more aimed towards the video conferencing and meeting industries. In terms of the specs, the CXV2 comes powered by an Intel Core i7 processor and this is a Chromebox which comes equipped with a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution camera, while also sporting an Ultra HD video output. To further aid its use as a video conferencing tool, the CXV2 also comes equipped with a wireless remote control (with full QWERTY keyboard), as well as a omni-directional microphone/speaker. Although Acer has now formally announced the Acer Chromebox for meetings, the company has yet to provide firm details on when the CXV2 will become available, in which regions or at what price points.

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