6 Million Christmas Texts Predicted By Canadian Carrier SaskTel


Saskatchewan's largest telecom, SaskTel, has services that cover home phone, cable, internet and mobile for around 1.4 million customers. Naturally, during the holidays, people are going to be reaching out to friends and loved ones to wish them well. On Christmas Day in particular, the numbers of calls, texts, emails, chats and other forms of communication are expected to soar. Based on previous years, recent data and customer growth, SaskTel is predicting their network will be handling over 6 million text messages on Christmas Day, along with 750,000 long distance calls. SaskTel is no stranger to busy holidays, of course, and is not panicking.

SaskTel is predicting that most of the communications going out will be within Canada's borders. 55% is said to be slated for Saskatchewan, 45% for other provinces and 5% to go out internationally, most likely with the bulk of that being to the United States. These numbers seem in line with prior years, taking the number of active subscribers into account. Longer distance communications may naturally experience more issues than local or in-country calls, texts and data connections.


SaskTel is advising customers that they may experience network issues such as congestion, slow data speeds, missed or delayed text messages and dips in call quality or calls dropping altogether. To help mitigate possible network issues, SaskTel has laid out a few guidelines that savvy customers can follow to avoid headaches. For starters, using the network during typically busy hours may lead to issues. Generally, these hours are between 10 AM and 2 PM, as well as 7 PM and 10 PM. Customers should also double check the numbers they're calling and texting in advance to avoid scrambling to look up a number or wrong number calls that muddle the network. Time zones should also be taken into consideration to ensure that calls and texts are received in a timely fashion and can be responded to in the same manner. With these considerations taken by customers, attentiveness on SaskTel's part, the right network optimizations and maintenance, along with a heavy dose of patience on the part of all parties. Poised for the network to be full to bursting, SaskTel's 4,000 odd employees stand ready to deliver the Christmas goods.

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