Wear Weekly: Stay Organized With Android Wear


It's that time of year again, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, and a whole lot more shopping to be done for the rest of the Holiday Season. No matter what it is you're celebrating, this is a time of year when families cross the country to catch up and spend some time together. For a lot of us, that means that there's a lot that needs to get done. Shopping, preparing the house, organizing all of this can take a lot of work, especially if you're juggling a family and a full-time job as well. Smartwatches are of course designed to help us stay on top of things, without simply burying ourselves in our smartphones. This week, we'll be taking a look at some simple, and some not-so-simple apps that work with Android Wear smartwatches to keep you organized and up-to-date.


wunderlist watch

Wunderlist has been around for years now, and its recent purchase by Microsoft has actually helped the service quite a bit. It's entirely cross-platform and works a treat on the web as well as Android, including Android Wear. This is a great option for those that simply need to list whatever they need to pick up at the store or get done. It works on Android Wear pretty well, but you need to change which lists it displays on your watch, which is something it could do on the watch. Either way, for ticking things off of lists, the Android Wear extension of Wunderlist gets the job done, and it carries over your background choice from the Android app as well. It's available for free from the Play Store here.


Shopping List

Shopping List Wear

Let's face it, a lot of what needs to be done around this time of year revolves around getting lots of food in, regardless of whether or not that's for specific meals or just to keep a good stock up. With this Android app, users can create and sync across different devices lists that are not just simple named items. With support for different weights and so on, this is a Shopping List app that gets the job done and then some, it's a great Android phone app, but it also has an Android Wear counterpart that's really quite good as well. This is a great option for those looking for a specific shopping list app that works well on both the phone as well as their Android Wear watch. A free app, Shopping list is available here.

Google Keep

Google Keep Wear



It's unsurprising that for a lot of users one of the better notes apps would be Google's own. This isn't because the Internet Giant has something amazing here, instead it's because Keep is so brutally simple that it has become a success. Create lists, long chunks of text, checkboxes or whatever you name it you can do it with Keep and it's all searchable. More importantly, it's all accessible from your wrist as well, which makes Keep a pretty good catch-all app to stay organized on your own terms through both your smartphone and your smartwatch. Keep can be found in the Play Store for free.

Sticky Notes for Android Wear

Wear Sticky Notes


This is a simple and effective Android Wear app for those that enjoy the cards interface on their wrist. How this works is that you need to use the phone app to write a sticky note and then send it to your watch, which is essentially the digital parallel of writing a sticky note and slapping it to your CRT monitor. This means that you can take sticky notes with you on your wrist, and while this seems really simple, it allows for things you should have already done to appear in all those other cards as you fiddle with your watch throughout the day. It's free and available here.