Video: OnePlus X Unboxing

OnePlus X Packaging AH 11

This year OnePlus is upgrading its release schedule with two phones instead of one.  While the OnePlus 2 launched back in August with a price tag in the ballpark of $400, the new OnePlus X is aiming at a different segment of the market.  First off it’s a much smaller phone than the OnePlus One or OnePlus 2, coming in at not just 5 inches on the display side but also quite a bit thinner than OnePlus’ other two phones are.  It’s designed very differently from the other two phones OnePlus makes and is made up of very different materials too.  We got our hands on the OnePlus X a few weeks ago in San Francisco and now have our own unit in-house.

In the video below we take you through what’s in the box and you can see that OnePlus is packing some significant value into this package.  OnePlus is selling the Onyx version for $249 and is even including a silicone case inside to protect that beautiful build from the moment you pull it out of the box.  The usual fancy OnePlus cables are included here too and look great when charging the phone.  It’s not a USB Type-C cable so while you won’t have the advantages of USB Type-C you’ll at least have compatibility with all the other cables and accessories you’ve got lying around.