Verizon Announces Thanksgetting: Freebies starting Nov. 25th

November 19, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

It isn’t often that Verizon gives stuff away, but when they do…. A great meme right there. Verizon did this last year around Thanksgiving time, and called it “Connection Day” and gave out free data for their customers for Thanksgiving and the Black Friday which follows the day after. This year they are giving their users 1GB of data for free as well as a few other neat freebies. Those freebies also include free $5 iTunes Gift Cards, as well as free Boingo and GoGo internet. As well as tons of other great freebies. That’s great for those that are going to be stuck in airports on the 25th, when flying for Thanksgiving to spend time with their family, as they should.

However, those iTunes gift cards, Boingo and GoGo internet freebies, don’t start until November 25th. But if you click this link, you can get 1GB of data added to your account starting today. You’ll need to sign in and claim it, for obvious reasons. The promo also suggests that you’ll receive another GB of free data in the next billing cycle as well. Which most of us won’t complain about, right? The promo does allow for that free data to be added to your account and used today, and not starting on the next cycle or a few cycles down the road.

This is a great way for Verizon to give back to their over 120 million customers that are on their network. And with so many traveling between now and the end of the year for the holidays, having an extra bit of data that you don’t have to pay for, will definitely come in handy. And with Verizon being the biggest network, and still claiming to be the best, this data is definitely very useful for their customers. Boingo internet will come in handy when at airports, and GoGo when flying across the country, or world, wherever you’re going.

It’s also great to see that Verizon decided to change this day from “Connection Day” over to “Thanksgetting”. We’re guessing the reason for the term “Thanksgetting” is because instead of giving, you are getting, and with Thanksgiving being the next day, it would make the most sense.