Verizon Adjusts Prepaid Plans & Intros $30 ‘No Data’ Plan

November 16, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Right now in the U.S., the big battle for the carriers is getting you over to their respective network. One way they think your custom will be obtained is offering you as much as they can for a set price. This train of thought has pretty much started the whole ‘unlimited’ thing with carriers believing data is the key to conversion. In fact, T-Mobile only last week announced that they would be whitelisting from data allowances video streaming from a number of big video providers like Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN and so on. In short, offering you large amounts of data and offering you a way to keep hold of that data.

Well, Verizon has been reworking their own charges recently with many of the headlines all focused on the ‘unlimited’ and ‘data’ options from the company with the main headliner grabbing story being Verizon are added an additional $20 to their top tier plans. Interestingly, at the other side of the spectrum, it seems Verizon has been making some changes too and have now introduced a new $30 plan. The real kicker with this plan is that it is a non-data plan. So while carriers battle over the level of data they can offer, Verizon’s $30 plan will offer those who do not care so much for data, a much cheaper option.

For those thinking this could be for them, the way it breakdowns is that for you $30, you can expect to get unlimited calls and unlimited texts within the U.S., Canada, Mexico and so on. Data, is as mentioned, not included and what seems surprisingly interesting, is that there does not seem to be any option to buy or add data to your plan. The idea is that this plan will cater to those who spend most, if not all, of their time connected to the net through Wi-Fi. As such, this is being billed as a Wi-Fi only option for those looking for one. In terms of the rest of the basic plans, the 1GB data option which comes with unlimited Talk and Text will now cost $45 per month while the 3GB data option (upgraded from 2.5GB previously) will still set you back $60 per month, just with the increased data level.

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