Verizon To Add $20 Charge On Your Unlimited Data Plan

Are you a Verizon subscriber? You may be in for some good and bad news. Let's start with the bad news: Verizon just announced that they will be increasing unlimited data plan pricing starting November 15. Instead of the usual $29.99 bill for data charges that you'll be getting, you will have to pay a total of $49.99 per month for those same data charges. Yes, that's a $20 increase in your monthly bill; that's a total of $240 per year. And now, for the good news: There's a way for you to evade this $20 increase on your monthly plan! While Verizon did announce this price increase, they did say that this was only applicable to those who are not under a 2-year contract period. So if you want to avoid seeing the extra $20 bill on your account, you can check out some options so you can get an unlimited data plan for the next two years.

The announcement for this $20 price hike does not come as a surprise to many. Back in October, sources revealed that Verizon had announced their plans for adding $20 on top of your bill. And as expected, this angered a lot of people; particularly those who had just signed up to a Verizon unlimited data plan. At the time of announcement, it was not specified by the company on who would be affected by this price hike. Thankfully, they have taken the time out to clarify things and have also sent out notifications to their valued customers.

And as announced, the price increase will only affect those who are not under a 2-year contract. Individuals who just recently signed for a contract won't have to worry about seeing the additional $20 charge on their bill as they are exempted from it. If you are currently a Verizon subscriber, there's still time for you to head over to their stores or website to learn more about how you can keep unlimited data and sign up for a contract. You have 6 days to do this so it's best that you do it today. Otherwise, you'll have to pay the increased data charges on your monthly bill going forward.

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