Ustwo Launches Land's End For Samsung's Gear VR

If you enjoy puzzle games on your smartphone or tablet, you should be familiar with Monument Valley. Not just because it's filled with some great puzzles that pose just the right amount of challenge, but because it's also one of the best and most popular puzzle games to hit mobile devices in a long time. The team behind the title are known as ustwo, and earlier this year they announced that they would be launching a game for the Samsung Gear VR called Land's End. While this wouldn't be Monument Valley in virtual reality, it would essentially be a game that followed the same design and visuals but offer up a totally different experience. Today, ustwo has finally launched Land's End and it is now available for download on both currently available Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Besides some of the same colorful graphics (as well as some stunning improvements to the visuals), Land's End will carry a melodic soundtrack similar to what can be experienced with Monument Valley, although it's likely to feel much more immersive as the game is played with VR a headset on and should be paired up with headphones. Land's End won't be incredibly long, so it's clear that the focus is more on the actual experience of the game than the amount of time it will take you to play it, as there are only five levels to complete and it won't take more than an hour to play through the entire game.

If you've ever played games on the Gear VR before, it can be quite the cool experience but you're either limited to using the trackpad or you'll have to connect a Bluetooth controller, depending on the game itself. With land's End there is none of that, as ustwo wanted the game to be a hands-free experience when playing. Controls and movement are managed by looking or as ustwo puts it, "gazing," and it's this particular action that helps you solve the puzzles found in Land's End. Land's End will cost gamers a total of $7.99 to pick it up, and it can be found withing the Gear VR store alongside other apps and games for the platform.

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