Upcoming Film 'Zoolander 2' To Feature The Galaxy S6

"Times, they are a-changing", sang Bob Dylan and he wasn't kidding. Back in 2001, when the Ben Stiller-directed action comedy film Zoolander was released, mobile phone makers were competing with each other about how much mobile phones can be shrunk down, seeing as phones in the last millennium were fairly large and difficult to handle. So while portraying the title character of a clueless, brainwashed fashion model called Derek Zoolander in the aforementioned movie, Mr. Ben Stiller was shown as using an inordinately small flip-phone, which was just one of the many running jokes in the film, meant to highlight the vanity and utter cluelessness of the lead character.

Circa 2015, things have changed to the extent that one would be hard pressed to find flagship handsets from any manufacturer that come with a display size any smaller than 5-inches. So naturally, even Derek Zoolander needs to change to keep up with times, and according to a recently released poster of the upcoming movie 'Zoolander 2', he has indeed. The title character of the upcoming film now apparently uses a Samsung Galaxy S6, which of course, comes with a significantly larger screen than the tiny little device that was the subject of many a joke in the original 'Zoolander' film. The poster, as can be seen, depicts Derek Zoolander and his fashion model rival, Hansel McDonald, posing for selfies on their respective Samsung smartphones, pout and all.

Product placements in movies of course, has become big business and only last week, reports indicated Mr. Daniel Craig was unhappy with the idea of endorsing Sony's Xperia-branded smartphones in the recently released Bond film, Spectre. Samsung of course, has been paying big money of late for product placements, and recent reports have indicated that the company is shelling out as much as $25 million to sponsor the upcoming world tour of popstar Rihanna. The company apparently is also spending big bucks to tie up with the NCAA to stream live games on its streaming platform, 'Milk Music'. Samsung also reportedly had a tie up with Universal Pictures for product placement within the recently released sci-fi movie, Jurassic World. The company has even been one of the lead sponsors of the Olympic Games for a while now.

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