Trade-In Your TAG Heuer Connected For Classic After 2 Yrs

It is no secret that $1500 is a lot of money for a smartwatch. In fact, it is a reasonable sum for a 'real' watch. Well, $1500 is exactly the price that TAG Heuer has now confirmed their TAG Heuer Connected watch will cost. For some, this will be immediately in danger of pricing them out of the TAG Heuer experience. After all, this is a smartwatch and does that mean that it has a finite life expectancy. While some might assume this to be as little as six months or until the following year, the consensus is that it is probably best defined as 'the next generation' from the same manufacturer. Either way, with any yard stick in use, $1500 is a hefty sum to invest in a smartwatch which will be inevitable become dated.

To combat this, TAG Heuer has come up with a sort of ingenious solution. In short, you buy the TAG Heuer Connected watch for $1500 and after two years, you will have the option to trade-in your smartwatch. However, you will not receive the next-gen watch (if there is one), but instead you will receive is a mechanical (or classical) version of the same watch. In the very shortest terms, a 'dumb' watch. The details on the trade-in are limited with the TAG Heuer announcement simply detailing that the smart bits will be gone and replaced with more traditional bits.

Of course, this is one solution to the issue of a $1500 watch that has a short life-span and it is a novel solution. However, it does, and will, raise the question of whether there is any real substance to the change over. Will you want to swap out a connected watch after two years to go back to a 'dumb' watch? This remains to be seen. The one immediate benefit of course, is that traditional watches do hold some of their value over time and certainly much better than a smartwatch will. As such, the changing from the smart to the traditional after two years will at the very least, allow you to retain some of that $1500 value initially spent. How much it will retain will be a question that is unlikely to be answered for the next two years.

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