Touchscreen Issues Surfacing For Some Nexus 5X Users

November 20, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

The new Nexus 5X from LG has seen pretty decent results since the launch, which is mostly to be expected as it is a Nexus device from Google and they tend to be received fairly well. With the addition of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a fingerprint sensor, and an updated camera all for a fairly decent price, there’s much to love about the new phone that is winning over customers. That isn’t to say the device doesn’t come with some issues though, as more than a few users have recently been reporting problems with the touch screen responsiveness when charging their devices. The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be a major issue and the problem only seems to happen with one particular charger, so there are ways around it.

According to reddit user DearTereza, the Nexus 5X has issues with charging when using the USB Type C charger that comes in the box with it, causing it to have problems with the touchscreen responsiveness. As one could imagine this ends up being a bigger problem than it sounds, but is likely a bigger annoyance than anything as you could simply correct the problem by grabbing a different charger. While that is not an ideal fix as it costs consumers more money, it’s one way around the problem.

If grabbing a new charger is out of the question for you, then simply not using the phone during the charging process is another way users could sidestep the laggy screen. The problem is widespread enough that users across reddit, XDA, and the Google forums have all reported issues, with at least one users stating the screen is entirely unresponsive while on the charger. It’s also worth mentioning that this may be a problem that Google and LG are correcting but in the meantime, Google may also just replace the device, so users having this issue may want to submit a return ticket. According to the same user on reddit listed above, the problem may be related to the manufacture date, with phones that were shipped before November being largely the higher risk.