The Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle from the AH Store!

November 25, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Ever wanted to learn how to code, and create applications. Whether they are for Android, iOS, or even desktop operating systems, this Learn to Code Bundle that’s available on the Android Headlines Store is the perfect bundle for you. There are 9 courses available here, including AngularJS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Cloud computing with AWS and so much more.

Perhaps the best part of this bundle is that you can pay what you want. And what’s even  better than that, is that a portion of that price goes to charity. Currently, the average price is $11.85, so if you pay less than that, you only get 3 courses. Which include Advanced Ruby Programming, Git Complete, and Learn Cloud Computing with AWS. If you want to unlock all 9 courses, you’ll need to go and pay more than the $11.85 which is currently the average. And that average is going to fluctuate over time. 10% of the proceeds go to Project Hope. A great way to spend some money in the season of giving. This bundle typically would cost around $1550, so this is a great deal, considering you can get all 9 apps for just $12. This sale only lasts through to December 2nd. So you’ll want to hurry up and buy it before it’s gone.

Pick up the Learn to Code Bundle from the Android Headlines store today.

Learn to Code Bundle