Telegram Update Brings Supergroups & Admin Support


Security is currently one of the massive keywords which instantly makes for headlines. Rightfully so, consumers do take their data and protection of that data seriously and as a result, the mobile industry has seen an increase in the number of 'super secure' smartphones landing recently. All designed to offer the user a more private and protected experience whether they be surfing, texting, emailing or whatever. These are however, are all-in one solutions that are designed to ensure all aspects of your smartphone are protected. If you do not own one of these devices, then you do have to make do with the various secure software apps that are available. Telegram being a prime example of one which is designed to offer consumers a secure messenger service.

In fact, it is so secure that recent reports have suggested it was being used by members of ISIS as a means to communicate with each other, without being monitored. The problem with having secure software or hardware, is that it is secure for everyone. Irrespective, Telegram has today announced an update to their popular app and one which brings with it a number of features designed to better manage chat groups within the app.


One of the major changes is what Telegram is referring to as 'Supergroups'. This updated feature means that users can now be part of a group with up to 1000 members, which is quite the substantial increase from the previous 200 member limit. With a limit like this, you would probably expect that these supergroups would need some form of organization and management, like an Admin for instance. Well, that is exactly one of the other features that Telegram has also announced. While the nature of Telegram's groups is that they are open to everyone, the new feature now means that people can be appointed as an 'Admin' for larger groups. From then on and if activated, only Admin members will be able to invite new members, change profiles pictures, ban members and so on. Telegram do note that this is not a compulsory feature and groups are still able to maintain Admin-free if they so choose. The update does also note that Android users will be able to make use of a new quick share feature in channels. For those interested in reading about the changes in more detail, head through the source link below and over to the Telegram blog.


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