Tablelist Wants to be the Uber of Night Clubs


Our smartphones have changed a lot about our daily lives, and it's given birth to some big services like Uber that wouldn't have been possible before, of course we have learned that Google did try something similar before the rise of the mobile web. Now, a new company, Tablelist is looking to become the Uber of night clubs. Tablelist is a service that operates in Boston, New York, Miami, Washington DC, Connecticut, The Hamptons and Las Vegas and it aims to provide people looking to go out with info and reservations. The idea is pretty simple, people can either use the website or the mobile app and find a table or event going on in their city, get a feel for the place and reserve a table.

Speaking to TechCrunch, the firm's CEO Julian Jung said that Tablelist is similar to Uber, in that it takes away some of the uncertainty climbing into a nightclub, just as Uber did with random taxi cabs. There's a lot to like about the idea, especially if you've just moved to a new city or are visiting with friends. The app allows people to get a feel for clubs in their area, see when they open and lets them book a table. These tables aren't exactly cheap however, a quick look at some clubs in San Francisco revealed prices at $200 for a table, with bottles coming in at $300 for your usual brand name liquors. Of course, the whole idea here is to go out and enjoy yourself doing something special, something a little different, rather than just blindly walking into a club and being blindsided with your friends or family.


Tablelist has already secured $4.5 Million in funding and it's looking to secure more in a Series A round of funding soon. The idea has a lot of potential, and as Uber has proven, people don't mind paying a little extra for certainty, and if something is planned out ahead of time, it can lead to a good night going off without a hitch. The app is available for both Android and iOS and people can use the website as well to see what's on offer.

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