T-Mobile's 4G LTE CellSpot Puts a Mini-Tower in Your Home

T Mobile 4G CellSpot

T-Mobile has been forging ahead with their UN-Carrier movement for a couple of years now, and as John Legere will proudly tell you; they’re not stopping. The magenta network has a big announcement scheduled for next week, but that hasn’t stopped them from introducing some pretty big news today. T-Mobile’s network has been getting better and better, and they now cover around 300 Million Americans with some of the United States’ fastest 4G LTE network, but as we all know cellular networks can be delicate, fickle things. You might have great coverage on the street, but none inside your building, or slow speeds at the very least. T-Mobile is fixing this with today’s announcement.

The UN-carrier is introducing an evolution of their CellSpot they introduced as part of UN-carrier 7.0, the 4G LTE CellSpot. The long and short of this is that a black box (pictured above) similar to your WiFi router will put a T-Mobile mini-tower in your house or business. As long as you have an Internet connection (a good one) and T-Mobile have the right to use their spectrum in your area, this black box will pump out 4G LTE to any device you have that supports it. Which includes HD voice and anything else that you have on your plan. The real kicker is that this is technically free, once you’ve paid a $25 deposit, and there are no extra charges from then on. You have to be a Simple Choice customer to get this magical box for “free”, but this will open a lot of doors for some customers.

It might only support up to 16 devices at any one time, but think about having your own personal LTE network where you want it most? You’d be able to stream music from your smartphone without using WiFi and still never pay any extra for the added data, and it’ll help fill in the gaps as more of these are installed across the country. Considering that the Press Release has said that you only need any kind of Broadband connection, it’s reasonable to assume that your LTE speeds will only be as good as your Internet connection. Nevertheless, this is pretty great for SimpleChoice customers. Below is John Legere himself to explain it to you.