T-Mobile US Confirmed Uncarrier X Announcement Is Today

T-Mobile US are one of four national carriers covering most of the United States of America. Along with Sprint, T-Mobile are one of two smaller national carriers, with AT&T and Verizon being the two larger carriers. As a smaller carrier, T-Mobile has both an advantage and disadvantage compared with the two larger carriers. Because it is a smaller carrier, it has fewer customers and so all being equal, it can offer a higher performance network. Against this, because it has fewer customers, so may not be able to secure the same volume handsets for equipment, which includes network masts and antenna, through to customer devices. T-Mobile US also has a reputation for not having the same coverage as the other carriers, which is something the company has worked hard on resolving over the last couple of years. And writing of the last couple of years, T-Mobile have been outspoken about the industry practices. Better yet for customers is that T-Mobile US has worked against these established normal practices and have changed how it conducts business. This is what T-Mobile US means when it calls itself an Uncarrier: it has presented a range of better deals for customers.

The carrier has announced that later today, the 10 November 2015, it will unveil its latest Uncarrier initiative: Uncarrier X. The event starts at 1100 hours in Los Angeles, or 1400 hours Eastern Time, when Chief Executive John Legere and Chief Operating Officer, Mike Sievert, will take to the stage for the announcement. These Uncarrier initiatives have proven disruptive within the industry and have helped grow T-Mobile to becoming America's third largest network, which currently handles over 61 million customers via an "advanced nationwide 4G LTE network." Previous uncarrier announcements have included removing conventional contracts and allowing customers to lease devices, through the "Music Freedom" offer, which excludes certain recognized music streaming applications' data usage from any allowance you have a month.

We have seen a number of rumors for T-Mobile's Uncarrier X Announcement and the most prevalent has been an extension of "Music Freedom" but to cover video subscription services. If this were the case, it would remove one of the more significant data uses from tariff allowances and this could be a huge encouragement for customers to join T-Mobile US. For those music lover customers, Music Freedom is a great deal, but as streaming video uses much more bandwidth, this could be an even more tempting offer. And we will know in a small number of hours time.

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