T-Mobile Hits 1M+ New Customers For 10th QTR With 62M Total

T-Mobile has been one of the fastest growing networks since they started their Uncarrier movement nearly three years ago. Since then they have been consistently growing with more and more customers switching carriers over to T-Mobile to see what all the buzz was about. Earlier this year T-Mobile surpassed Sprint as the number three wireless carrier in the United States, and it's all thanks to their continued growth. As of today at T-Mobile's Uncarrier 10 event, CEO John Legere fed details about the company's customer stats, showing how effective their changes in the wireless industry have been and why they're "not going to stop" making these changes.

Since the very first Uncarrier initiative which saw the end of wireless contracts, T-Mobile has gained 28 million new subscribers, bringing them to a total of 62 million subscribers overall as of today. In addition to this, T-Mobile has been adding new customers to their network every single quarter, having reached the 10th quarter in a row where they've added over 1 million new customers to the network. With no contracts, a vast lineup of some of the most popular smartphones, and things like music freedom and now double the data for customers with plans starting at 2GB, 6GB, and 10GB of data, it's no wonder why T-Mobile has been able to convince customers from other wireless carriers to give them a shot.

Legere states that T-Mobile has captured 102 percent of the new customer growth within the industry over the course of the last 11 quarters. That's no small task and one that T-Mobile is sure to continue to strive for going forward. There is of course no guarantee that T-Mobile will be able to sustain the growth they've been getting, but following today's announcement of the new Binge ON feature which lets users stream video from tons of different services like HBO NOW, Hulu, and Netflix without eating up their data caps, it may not be difficult to keep customers engaged and intrigued with what T-Mobile has to offer. A new feature like this makes perfect sense as T-Mobile states that customers considered as "average users" have been using two times the amount of data since 2013. Now that streaming music and streaming video are not included in the data usage, T-Mobile's growth for next year should be interesting.


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