T-Mobile Announce Free Video Streaming With BingeOn


T-Mobile is today hosting the latest in their Uncarrier series of events in the form of Uncarrier X. They have already announced a number of smaller announcements like how they are now planning to offer consumers double the data. As such, anyone making use of any of their individual plans with data at 1GB, 3GB or 5GB levels, will be now getting double their respective amounts. However, John Legere was not finished there by adding the increasing of data and also held back on making a much bigger announcement.

In terms of that big announcement, T-Mobile has now confirmed that they will be opening up the ability to stream video over 4G without accruing unnecessary overages. Similar to what T-Mobile announced with their music freedom promotion, T-Mobile has confirmed that users will be able to make use of video streaming for free. Included on the whitelist of video streaming companies is many of the biggest names like Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, HBO Go, Sling TV and the list goes on.

The new service is currently being dubbed as “Binge On” and clearly plays on the notion that data users like to binge watch video and TV content. In fact, this does seem to be a service which T-Mobile is hoping will attract more of the younger generation, as during the event they do make note of the insurgence of millennial users which corresponds with an uptake of video streaming. A trend T-mobile very clearly expects to continue and increase over the coming years and one they hope to capitalize on now by offering the new service. As a side note, Legere has also made the point that the quality of the video on offer will be of a high-quality and consumers will not have to worry about the quality when streaming for free over 4G. To add to the video theme, T-Mobile has also announced that Unlimited customers will be able to make use of a free video rental from Vudu every month. They also launched a new promotional video for the event starring Aaron Paul to announce the new BingeOn service. The new service will begin starting this Sunday for all new sign-ups and the following Thursday (November 19th) for all existing customers.