Street View Now Includes Select Bolivia & Ecuador Locations

November 16, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Google Maps is one of the company’s best products and it just keeps getting better. Recently, the mobile app was updated so users can set detours on a given route and check gas prices while navigating. A very popular feature of these maps is Street View, which consists of several seamlessly stitched images and it is used to see the surroundings of certain locations, allowing users to see facades of buildings or even natural landscapes. This feature lets us visit many places like cities to appreciate their architecture or landmarks as well as places that would be mostly inaccessible, like the depths of the oceans and right from our home.

As you might know, there are several vehicles with special cameras that capture all of these pictures. More recently, users have been encouraged to contribute with their photo spheres of the places they visit. Street View now has its own mobile app and, in addition, explore nearby places or see highlights from certain regions, users can upload their images and manage their profile. Alternatively, users might visit the dedicated website which provides similar functionality. It was recently discovered that Street View now provides images from two South American countries, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Some of the highlights for Ecuador include urban parks such as Parque Centenario or Parque Calder³n, streets like Calle La Ronda and Barrio Las Pe±as, town squares like Plaza de la Independencia or Plaza del Teatro, national parks like Volc¡n El Altar or Cr¡ter de Pululahua and some beaches and lagoons. Street View in Bolivia now includes highlights like Plaza Murillo, where some nice architecture can be appreciated, urban parks like Parque El Arenal and natural landscapes like Valle de la Luna, Chacaltaya and Nevado Huayna Potosi, some of the streets include Calle Jaen or the colorful Mercado de las Brujas. If users select one of these places on the website, information about them will be displayed and they can check the places in 360 degree views. So if you have ever had any burning questions or just wanted to learn something about either of these countries, Street View might be an interesting way to now do so.