Square’s Contactless Reader supports Android & Samsung Pay

November 23, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Square, who has been very popular among small businesses. As it is a card reader that can be attached to your smartphone and allow you take credit cards without needing a terminal. It is all done through the Square card reader and through the app, which will need to be installed on the device. Square has been a very popular company, and went public about a week ago. Square has been competing with PayPal, and for the most part beating the company. Square and PayPal Here have been heated competition in recent years.

Today, Square started shipping a new reader for taking credit cards. It’s a contactless reader, which means you can use Android Pay, Samsung Pay and even Apple Pay with the new reader, as it does have NFC built in. Which should make things even easier for merchants that use Square for taking payments. Square has also decided to partner with about 100 small businesses in the US, to roll out this new reader. Other business owners can head over to Square’s website now and reserve their reader from Square. This new contactless card reader will set you back about $49 and also comes with a free Square stripe reader in the box. For those that would still rather swipe their card instead of using their smartphone. And as you’d expect, the new reader works flawlessly with Square’s existing app and the Square Stand Hub.

With this being a contactless reader, this also means you’ll be able to use your cards that have a chip embedded. Simply dip the credit card inside the reader, and it’ll make the transaction. Making for a pretty smooth transition for us as we move from having physical cards, on over to using our phones as our wallets. This new reader does not connect to your phone using the headphone jack as the previous reader from Square did. It does connect wirelessly to your device though. Square is also touting the quick, easy and painless set up for this new contactless reader. Making it even easier to take mobile payments at your place of business.