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Kagooloohan Insect Chaos is an Android game that channels classic arcade games and platforming games to deliver a challenging mobile game. You have to navigate different tiers on a single level, jumping between them and attacking mutated insects in the right order. Our hero only has a stick to attack insects and a transforming helmet to repel all attacks. The endgame is to find Froggee the evil villain that has created all of these mutated insects. Clearly an early game released by a first-time developer, it's interesting to take a look at Kagooloohan Insect Chaos.

First of all, players need to download Kagooloohan Insect Chaos from the Play Store. there's a sort of short introduction to the game as well, but as we can see there's not much in the way of graphics here.


2015-11-04 11.24.55

There's also an intro before you start the first levels, which reminds me of some early 90s game that has just learnt to use 3D for the first time.

2015-11-04 11.25.24


When playing the game, you can see that there's a lot going on as well as some different buttons to press one other side of the display.

2015-11-04 11.26.50

Here I've used the weapon to attack some insects flying at me, which can be quite difficult, as there are three different buttons to choose from, one for low attacks, one for high and another for mid-height attacks. It's difficult to figure out which one does what, but things are even worse for the jumping as each one takes you up or down to platform one, two or three but the icons are exactly the same.


2015-11-04 11.29.39

Something that I did think was a good feature was the helmet, you can use this to brace any sort of incoming attack, but you cannot move in this mode.

2015-11-04 11.29.28


The game is really quite difficult, I found, and after just a few goes at the opening levels I was already struggling, which was disappointing to say the least. The game just seems to run too quickly, with too much going on to process it all and manage the finicky control system. Another low point is the lack of any feedback when you're game is over, you're just given the option to try again.

2015-11-04 11.25.58

There's no escaping the fact that Kagooloohan Insect Chaos is a basic game, but not for like of ambition, it just needs a lot of added polish. The menus and introductions are vague and uninspiring, there's no introduction on how to play the game and there's little backstory to help the obscure graphics stand out. Having said that, the gameplay itself does represent a solid challenge, and there's little wrong with a retro indie classic like this. With some more polish, different difficult options and some much needed upgrades to the menus and dialog, this would be a much better game.



  • Speed (4/5) – The game ran fine on my devices, and for those looking for a fast-paced challenge, Kagooloohan Insect Chaos won't disappoint in terms of gameplay speed.
  • Theme (3/5) – While the game graphics are a little strange, they remind me of classic 90s games. The gameplay graphics are fine, but the presentation lacks any really flare in the menus or game over screens.
  • Features (3/5) – There's no introduction on how to play the game, no different difficult and it's a little too difficult right from the get-go.
  • Overall (3/5) – For a game that's clearly a first attempt at producing something great, Kagooloohan Insect Chaos isn't too bad, but it needs a lot more added polish and refinement before it can be easily recommended to anyone but retro gamers looking for a new and obscure classic.


  • Great game for those looking for a tough challenge.
  • Retro 90s graphics will appeal to some people, and they can offer a good amount of nostalgia overall.
  • Definitely a nice change from the usual run of the mill games out there, that's for sure.
  • Classic gameplay will appeal to retro gamers as ell as those looking for something different.


  • Little presentation where the likes of menus and the game over screen is concerned, sadly.
  • Could be considered a little too difficult for a lot of players out there, sadly.

At the end of the day, Kagooloohan Insect Chaos is what it is, it's a simple and basic game from a new developer. The overall concept isn't too bad, and while the graphics are a little weird, they're good weird. What needs work is the overall difficult and lack of flare in the menus and total lack of any how to or tutorial to get players started.


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