Sponsored Game Review: Game of Summoner


Game of Summoner is an Android game that offers players from all over the world the opportunity to collect and summon powerful beasts to use in battle against the evil forces that have taken control of the realm. A mix between a card-battler game and a strategic RPG, there's a lot on offer with Game Summoner, and those looking for a fantasy fix will definitely take to the game. Game of Summoner starts off nice and easy, but gradually starts to offer players a lot more in terms of challenge and high stakes battle. With dungeon battles and the ability to fight online with other Summoners in massive 16 v 16 battles of your monsters, this is the sort of game that should satisfy a lot of RPG and card-battler fans out there.

For those looking to get into the game, you just need to download Game of Summoner from the Play Store and then you can choose to either log in with a Facebook account or not.


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Players are then introduced to the game with a sort of intro, that has a lot of nice artwork on offer. Essentially, we  end up witnessing a battle between legendary heroes and dark forces.

2015-11-13 16.12.27


This introduction serves as a fun and energetic way of introducing you to how the game functions, and it introduces us to the graphical style of the battles.

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Sadly, the Heroes didn't win, and a result the world was plunged into darkness.


2015-11-13 16.13.06

The game then turns its attention to you, and how you will ultimately combat the dark forces and repair the world, but first you must choose a hero.

2015-11-13 16.13.16


These Heroes turn out to be descendants of those great heroes, and there's a little background about each of them:

2015-11-13 16.13.25

The game then does a good job of introducing you to a lot of main aspects, such as the need to open boxes and accumulate monsters and creatures to help our cause.


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Some of the first monsters and creatures that you get your hands on aren't all that impressive, but there's nothing wrong with that, everyone has to start somewhere. Besides, these just goes to show that Game of Summoner has some great artwork no matter the level of the summon.

2015-11-13 16.14.37


You're then thrown into battle once again, but with a fresh team which will only grow over time.

2015-11-13 16.15.54

Of course, this is just the start of things for Game of Summoner, and over time as you get new creatures and summons you'll be able to put up a real fight with lots of other players online.


Game of Summoner 1

Plus, those that are looking to hone their skills will be able to do so by exploring and conquering all of the dungeons that are on offer.

Game of Summoner 2

After spending some time with Game of Summoner, it's easy to see why a lot of people would enjoy such a game as this. Especially if they really enjoy fantasy and RPG games as it is. The combat is fairly simple however, and the only real strategy is which types of creatures and monsters you take with you into battle. I don't see too much happening when you enter the battle, sadly as there's not even a way to choose different attacks or anything like that. For those that enjoy this sort of thing, the whole element of collecting monsters and such, this will be a good game for those type of gamers. However, this sort of game isn't all that original, and I didn't like the tutorial took so long. Either way though, the artwork here is good and there is a variety of different gameplay on offer here that should suit a lot of players.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs nice and smoothly, and there are few connection issues or anything of the sort.
  • Theme (4/5) – With some good artwork, this is a high point for Game of Summoner and fantasy fans will appreciate the grand artwork.
  • Features (3.5/5) – While most definitely a lot of fun, there isn't all that much that's new or original here, but it has to be said that those who appreciate this time of game won't find too much to complain about here.
  • Overall (4/5) – Game of Summoner is a good, bite-sized action game that's worth picking up and playing while on the move and such. For collectors and monster fans, there's a lot to love here.


  • Good-looking artwork right from the start, this is the sort of art that will please fantasy and RPG gamers.
  • Runs in portrait mode, which is something of a rarity for a game like this, and a nice change of pace.
  • Doesn't ask too much of the player, just let's them enjoy themselves without too much of a storyline.
  • Lots of gear and creatures to collect, making this a good game for those that love to collect everything they can.


  • Tutorial and pointers do drag on a little bit for my taste.
  • Doesn't seem to offer much in the way of originality compared to other similar titles out there.

Overall, Game of Summoner is worth a try, it's a nice, fast-aced game for fantasy and RPG fans that love collecting. With some great artwork, the game looks good but there's little in the way of combat and it feels as if much of the game is played for you. Of course, over time as you compete online and earn better gear things quickly become more interesting.