Sponsored App Review: Track Mobile Phone


Track Mobile Phone is an Android app that does exactly what you think it does. It's an app that allows you to let your contacts know where you are and whether or not you're in trouble and vice-versa. Inviting friends and family is nice and simple, and rather than use this as some sort of "spying" app, this is designed to keep each other safe and is intended for consenting use only. The idea being that families can use this to locate their kids on Holiday or see if they make it home safely, and businesses could use it see where their traveling salesmen or drivers are at any time. With an emergency call function, as well as notification zones to be alerted when someone arrives or leaves, Track Mobile Phone is an Android app that can help keep families and groups together for longer.

To get the app, people just need to download Track Mobile Phone from the Play Store and then set it up with a phone number. This means there's no need to use an email address and create an account for the app.


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There are some settings you can adjust, but those thinking of using this all the time should be aware that the app will use a lot of your battery depending on how big a battery you have on your device.

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As we've touched on, Track Mobile Phone is not an Android app that has been designed to spy on people, instead it is to help and keep people safe. Really, this is just a tool and how you use it is up to you and your contacts. Speaking of which, you can use this app to let them know where you are:

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This sort of thing would be good for coworkers needing an address to find out where they're going and the emergency call feature is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to send a distress signal with some quick and helpful data to one of your contacts.


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Whether or not this takes longer than calling 911 is debatable, but this is clearly for everything but life-threatening injuries, we'd imagine. For keeping tabs on people, you can setup a radius on a map that will notify you should one of your contacts (who must also have the app installed) enter this zone.

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You can use Track Mobile Phone to create groups, such as the rest of your family as well as perhaps people that work for your business.


There is also a premium version of the app that fans of it should consider:


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Track Mobile Phone is going to be a polarising app, and I can see why some users wouldn't appreciate something like this being pushed upon them by family or friends. However, when used responsibly, something like this could be a great app to have on your device. I can see small business, like a delivery firm or something similar, using this to keep track of their drivers and send them addresses or information to keep them up to date. Similarly, families taking teens on holiday could use this to keep track of them to make sure they don't go too far, which would give them some freedom, but also give the parents peace of mind. This is the sort of tool that all comes down to how it's used. Anything can be used for negative issues, but considering this has an emergency call function included, it's clear the developer wants this to be a tool for good above everything else.


  • Speed (4/5) – The app seems to run pretty quickly, and even with it running in the background I didn't notice any slowdowns on my device.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – The UI here really needs some work, it feels dated and it feels jarring on a device running Lollipop or above. It does get the job done however, it could just do with looking better.
  • Features (4/5) – As with any tool out there, this could be used for anything, but the developer has good intentions, and when used properly this sort of thing can be a big help for those looking to keep track of employees or make sure that their kids are safe.
  • Overall (4/5) – It might need something of a facelift, and these tracking apps are something that will also displease some users, but when used right it can be a helpful little tool for a lot of different uses.


  • Doesn't ask for an email or anything like that, so need to create an account.
  • Great for keeping track of employees and perhaps family members when out and about.
  • Completely consensual on both sides, this is not a spy app.
  • Notification area can help notify you where people are in relation to a meeting point, a party, or your house.


  • User interface needs some updating to feel modern on today's Android.
  • Premium Version could be considered a little expensive for some users.

All-in-all, Track Mobile Phone is an Android app that has a lot of utility in it, and it's one that has a lot on offer. As a tool to be used by parents, businessmen or whoever else, this is great for a group of people or a team that need to keep tabs on people and where they end up during the day.