Sponsored App Review: Tempo-Motion



Tempo-Motion is an Android app that helps people stay on top of their goals where fitness is concerned, and reward them for keeping at it with money towards gift cards and such. The app allows users to track water consumption, a step count using Google Fit, smartwatches or the phone itself as well as heart-rates (if you have a compatible device) and more all in one app. By reaching your goals and hitting certain targets Tempo-Motion will reward users with money towards an AMC gift card, Applebee's gift card or Whole Foods, with more stores coming soon. Tempo-Motion is more than just your usual fitness tracker and has a lot of incentives for those looking to get back in shape or keep own top of things while also getting rewarded for it.


To get started, users just need to download Tempo-Motion from the Play Store, and then create an account. Accounts are needed to redeem reward values.




Who using Tempo Motion, there are a few choices on how you want it to track you. You can use just the phone on its own, a compatible smartwatch – those running Android Wear will work just fine – or you can now use Google Fit as well.


With Tempo-motion, users can use their watch on its own, as the Android Wear app runs on its own steam. This lets users leave their phone in their lockers, in the car or at home when they head to the gym or go for a run.



This gives users flexibility, and it's nice to see in something like this as everyone ends up tracking their activities a little differently, after all. Some information needs to be entered manually, such as your water intake, but the majority of it is all tracked neatly by the Tempo Motion app.

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The main page, after time, will give you a look at your daily steps, distance travelled, average heart rate and more all from one display:


You can easily hare this information to social networks and so on, but there's more to Tempo Motion than just this daily look at your activities. You can dive a little further and take a look at some helpful graphs of weekly statistics:



This then carries on into monthly statistics as well, helping you to see whether you're keeping a constant level of fitness or even improving.



Of course, Tempo Motion is much more than just a simple fitness tracker, and you can use it to redeem cash rewards against gift cards from a number of different stores:


The way that these work is that Tempo Motion will reward you for your hard work by offering to pay some of the bill for one of these vouchers. So let's say you've worked hard and what to head out to the Movies, Tempo-Motion will give you $10.00 towards a gift voucher.



Tempo Motion is an interesting mix of different concepts and ideas that we've seen in other apps, but not all together in one place like this. The idea of doing certain things with your smartphone to get rewards is nothing new, but the idea of using your daily fitness progress is, and I can see this really taking off. Right now however, Tempo Motion is clearly just getting going, and there is room for improvement. AMC Theatres, WholeFoods and Applebee's are all great names, but eBay and Amazon cash should help bring in a lot of new users. The app itself could do with some extra polish, but for the most part this is an effective and simple way of lighting a fire under yourself to do more in terms of day-to-day fitness and getting little rewards like these are what helps us keep going.


  • Speed (4/5) – Tempo Motion runs just fine in the background, and it doesn't slow down your device at all.
  • Features (4/5) – There is room for improvement here, but overall Tempo Motion is an app that I can see a lot of users really taking to over time. Getting rewards and such for getting out there and losing weight will keep people going.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – This is where some of the app could do with some improvement as the interface isn't exactly the best out there.
  • Overall (4/5) – For an app that's just getting started, Tempo Motion is something that should appeal to everyone, getting rewards for things like meeting a step goal and such is what will help people to keep it up and who doesn't like free stuff?


  • Completely free to download and use, with no obligation to provide any personal info.
  • Doesn't need an Android Wear smartwatch, as it can be used on the phone, but now also supports Google Fit data as well.
  • Offers up realistic reductions on gift cards and doesn't feel like a typical rewards or offers app at all.
  • Good all round fitness tracking app that ticks all the right boxes, with some extra thrown in as well.


  • Can have a small hit on battery life depending on how good your smartphone is with battery life.
  • Interface could do with some smartening up and such.

When it comes down to it, Tempo Motion is a great little fitness tracking app that I can see a lot of people rally enjoying over time. It ticks all the right boxes where tracking activity is concerned, and it will even use dedicated hardware if you have it. Its interface is not the best available but it's something that I can see improving over time. As for the rewards against gift cards, these are nice to have and they're realistic rewards, plus there's very little hassle involved in getting the gift cards and such, either.