Sponsored App Review: Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner


Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner is an Android app that aims to keep people's Android devices clean and running at their best. It features the usual range of memory boosters and app managers, but also offers up simple junk file cleaning, battery saving tips and even simple, down to Earth battery saving tips as well. Not your typical mobile optimizer app, this takes a pragmatic and subtle approach to keeping your Android smartphone running nice and smoothly, and with a simple and easy to use interface, anyone can use Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner to great effect.

As with a lot of Android apps, you just need to download Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner from the Play Store, and then you're ready to go.


2015-11-04 09.39.43

Right away the app starts to analyse your device and lets you know how much space you can free up and so on. Each section of Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner is easily laid out and simple to swap between. Each one of these features is fairly self-explanatory, but features like the Game Booster are a good addition.

2015-11-04 09.40.49


The Game Booster allows you to choose certain games, as I have, and when they're launched it'll run the one-tap booster to speed up your device. Other notable inclusions are the Privacy Booster.

2015-11-04 09.41.21

Long story short, this part of the app searches your device for files that have info about who you've been chatting to and what you've been up to. A really nice touch however, is that Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner never once deletes anything without your say-so first, leaving the choice up to you. This extends into the App Manager, which works really well.


2015-11-04 09.41.06

You can choose each individual app, as I have above, and then launch it, find out info about it or back the APK up. Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner will also allow you to choose from a number of different apps and then uninstall them all at once, another nice touch to be sure.

The Battery Life Tips are also good here as well. Rather than trying to be too clever for its own good and running unnecessary processes in the background, Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner just lets you know what you could do to save a little battery:


2015-11-04 09.43.57

It's clear to see that Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner is a fairly pragmatic approach to cleaning up and speeding up your Android device, giving you simple and useful options to choose from, rather than trying to be altogether too complicated to do any good. This is shown in a good example via the settings menu, as you can see there's no pesky add-ons or anything like that, and the settings page is refreshingly short, too.

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I've taken a look at all sorts of different mobile cleaning and boosting apps over the years, and the majority of them do very little aside from delete files and kill off apps running in the background. Some of them go far too far in what they have to offer, and end up being complicated for no apparent reason. With Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner things are different, and all of the genuinely useful things that you need to do on an Android device to keep things running nice and smoothly are here, without extras that just add more bloat to your device. A clean, simple approach to keeping your Android device running smoothly, Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner genuinely works and works well.


  • Speed (4/5) – This will keep your device running nice and smoothly, and the app itself is speedy, too.
  • Features (4/5) – While Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner is not all that original, it's fresh approach to just getting the job done without any added hassle is a real bonus.
  • Theme (4/5) – While not the best-looking cleaner app out there, it's very easy and straightforward to use, which is really all we want from apps like these.
  • Overall (4/5) – Ticking all of the boxes for apps that keep your device running well, Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner has a lot going for it, and it's refreshingly down to Earth in its approach as well.


  • Privacy Booster and Game Booster are nice additions that aren't found in run of the mill cleaning apps like these.
  • Easy to use without any fancy UI issues getting in the way.
  • No added hassle in the form of notifications, bugging popups or anything like that, use it when you not to.
  • Battery Saving Tips, while not all that original, offers up solid help, without messing around with your settings.


  • Better explanation of the Game Booster would be nice to see.
  • Less ads would be nice, but this is a free app after all.

Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner is well worth taking a look at, especially if you know you have junk files and folders, or want to remove a lot of apps from your device. What sets this apart is its pragmatic approach to just letting the user get on with things, without the need to to jump through any hoops or whatever.