Some Nexus 6P Owners Reporting Spontaneous Rear Glass Cracking

Nexus 6p cracked glass 1

Huawei and Google’s Nexus 6P is the latest Nexus devices to come off the production line and the major flagship device for this year. Google did release another Nexus device, the LG Nexus 5X, although, of the two, it is certainly the 6P variant that is the more premium one. That is, more premium in terms of specs and in terms of the actual hardware. As such, it is currently the device on the market to have.

However recent, reports have started to come in that the Nexus 6P might not actually be as well-built as first thought. Most of the speculation came through when a YouTuber upped a video which seemed to show the Nexus 6P being easily snapped. Although, the video raised criticism that the YouTuber had prolonged the smartphone to sustained torture and essentially weakened the device. The criticisms were strong enough that the YouTuber felt compelled enough to snap another Nexus 6P and this time, fresh from the box.

Well, reports are now starting to come through on Reddit that there might be an issue with the glass which covers the rear camera and the rest of the 6P’s ‘bump’ In short, the users who are reporting the issue, claim that the glass is simply shattering and without any provocation. One user even reports that the device was just resting on a table when the glass cracked. Since the initial reports, debate has started to rage as to what is causing this. Of course, this could be just a number of isolated and random instances, but some of the reasons being suggested include the possibility that the metal expanding and contracting is causing the glass to shatter. While others are suggesting that due to the nature of how tempered glass is tempered, stress points could be causing the glass to fracture. Again, it is currently not known how many devices are being affected by the issue or even what conditions are prompting it, but cases are popping up and the images on show, do seem to be highlighting consistent levels of damage. Those interested in reading more or joining the debate can do so by heading through the source link below.