Soccer Zombies Is An Odd, And Yet Fun Soccer Game

November 20, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Google Play Store is a home to a ton of applications, and a good portion of that overall number are games. The vast majority of people who own a smartphone like to play a game from time to time, never mind how old they are. There are so many types of games available that pretty much everyone will find something that suits them, no matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or just play an occasional game of chess or something like that. That being said, we’re here to talk about a rather fun and extremely simple game, the Soccer Zombies.

This game has been developed by ‘TTTGP’, and is the only game available in the Google Play Store by said developer. So what is this game about? Well, the game basically reveals everything, you play soccer (sort off) with zombie characters. You can play against the AI or another player on the same device. The game is somewhat fun because of the gameplay, the controls are intentionally so hard and messed up (these are zombies after all), that it’s really hard to do something intentionally. You’ll mostly end up jumping and trying to move in the right direction in order to hit the ball and get it into the opponents net, while you’ll also end up scoring own goals quite frequently because of the controls.

The graphics in this game is really simple, and there are a number o characters to play with, though they randomly appear after every goal someone scores. Now, keep in mind that this game will throw quite a few ads in your face, and we haven’t found a way around it, there doesn’t seem to be a paid options which will remove ads, nor a separate app you can pay for in the Google Play Store. Ads will be popping up in the menus, while you’ll jump at you full screen after every scored goal. This is actually an advertising model many developers use these days, but it would be nice to have a paid option available in order to remove ads. In case you’d like to try out this game, click on the Google Play banner below the article.