Skype 6.11 For Android Drops, Brings New Features

November 20, 2015 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Microsoft-owned Skype is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world on every platform. The Android app for Skype is already quite usable and polished, but there are a decent number of features missing that most would consider standard. Today’s update to version 6.11 brings a decent number of new features that, while they won’t satisfy everybody, will give longtime users something to smile about.

The first and arguably the biggest feature rolling out is conversation management. Before, conversations would hang around forever and options to manage them otherwise were sparse. Now, users can mark a conversation as unread, mute notifications from that particular conversation and finally, the long-overdue option to delete a conversation is on board.

Another new feature allows you to search for just about anything within the Skype app, be it contacts, group names or even the contents of chats. If you had a conversation with a cute girl a few days ago but forgot where you’re supposed to meet her for your date, the Skype app for Android now has you covered.

Group sharing is being rolled out with this update as well. What that means is that you can now share pictures directly to a group conversation. You can also grab a picture from a group conversation with just one tap and share it to another group, or privately to another contact.

The new update also brings enhanced support for sharing Mojis, Skype’s own take on things like animated Emojis in Google Hangouts or stickers in Yahoo Messenger. To share a cool Moji you’ve received, simply tap it – from there, you can send it to a contact or to a group. Before, Mojis autoplayed when shared. Now, you’ll be able to choose whether this happens.

Enhanced video saving is also on the list of new enhancements. If you record and send a cool video message, or happen to receive one you want to keep, one tap is all it takes to lock it away in your device for viewing in your gallery or the video app of your choice, or to transfer to another device like a laptop or tablet.